Time for a kick-start into a different approach to create lasting habits and behaviors to reach your goals, build confidence, and bring joy to the journey.


  • On your 5th workout program and still not seeing the results you want?

  • Tired of having to measure all of your food and cut out everything you love?

  • Craving something drastically different that's maintainable long-term?

  • Feel like you take one step forward and two steps back?

  • Want to have that unwavering confidence in yourself that spills into all areas of your life?

  • Tired of giving yourself excuses to why you’re not succeeding?

  • Ready to stop blocking yourself from getting the results you want?





I’m Kiley Jolicoeur, and my mission is to help you get amazing results in a way that feels good and sticks around.

I’ve seen you out there.

I know you’ve been working hard at your goals.

You’ve tried countless programs and workout routines, attempting to find something that sticks.

You’re frustrated because you feel like you should be seeing a lot more change for the work you’re putting in.

You feel like maybe you’re not doing enough.

You’re confused to why you work so hard, but always seem to fall off or self-sabotage.

Why is it that although you feel like you’re making healthy changes, your clothes are getting tighter and the confidence you once had seems to have gone?

Why does it feel so damn hard to make changes that stick?

You feel like maybe you’re just meant to stay where you are, maybe your body isn’t meant to reach the goals you want.

Maybe this is just life?

You’ve wondered...what the hell am I missing?  What is it that some people seem to get, but it seems just out of reach for me?

Well, you’re not alone babe.

I was there too. I felt so lost and unaware of what I was missing. I had tried countless programs, products, and always felt like I was missing something.

Never really getting the results I wanted, taking one step forward and two back. It was so frustrating!

I was either 100% all in or totally off course. It led to so many cycles of binging and restricting, guilt, and so much anxiety.

But above it all, I felt like crap. I wasn’t happy with my body, I was super self-conscious, hated getting my picture taken, and that self-consciousness spilled into all areas of my life.

It affected my career, my relationships, and the joy & fulfillment (or lack there of) that I felt in my life.

I know you’ve had that feeling. I know you’ve wanted more. More than just to reach your goals, but to feel good, be happy with your body, and have that confidence.

And you can.

Here’s the kicker…



With just a few changes it CAN become almost effortless and a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

And despite what you’ve been told, you don’t need to completely change everything in your life at once to get results.

I know you’re ready for something that shows you how to reach your goals in a way that feels good.

I know you're ready to take a difference approach to have these healthy behaviors stick.

You’re dying to figure out what you’re missing and finally connect the pieces so you not only get results but feel energized and confident.

You’re done holding yourself back.

And you’re SO close to making massive change! All you need is that piece to connect it all.

It’s the same piece that I noticed in my journey, and with working with hundreds of women that determined long-term success, health, and joy in the journey.

It not only gets you aligned with your goals so you absolutely crush them, but it also makes the journey enjoyable. Helps you build confidence. And helps you uplevel in all areas of your life.

It’s arguably the most important piece of your fitness journey.




So stop thinking it’s all your fault. Stop thinking you’re a failure and beating yourself up, you’ve just been missing this piece.

Imagine what you’ll be able to achieve once you put this into place!

I know you’re here reading this for a reason.

You’ve tried everything, only to put countless hours and $$$ to end up right back where you started.

You’re sick and tired of being stuck and not feeling like you’re getting anywhere. And you know there’s something missing!

You know you’re capable of a lot more!


And you’re ready to reach your goals and let that energy and confidence spill into all areas of your life.

Have you ever wondered why more people aren't happy with their body when there’s plenty of great workout programs, and effective nutrition plans out there?

We are taught that diet and exercise are the two key pieces to reaching our fitness goals and living a healthy life. While those pieces are important, there is still one VERY important piece missing. It's just important as nutrition and exercise, yet it’s left out!

That secret missing piece lies in our MINDSET.


Our motivation for making a change, the beliefs we have about health/nutrition/our bodies, the connections we have to exercise. The connections we have to food.

All play a massive role in making changes that last!

Yes, having a good workout plan to follow is important.
Yes, nutrition plays a huge role.

But without getting your mindset in the right place, working on those connections you have to food, and uncovering how you’re blocking yourself with your subconscious beliefs…

all the hard work you’re putting in with your workouts and nutrition isn’t going to stick and pay off like you’d like it to.

And I see you.

You’re RIGHT THERE. On the edge of absolutely changing your life.

CRUSHING your fit bod goals and catapulting your confidence into a place where you can uplevel all areas of your life.

Stop holding yourself back. You know your life is too short to keep settling. And that’s why you’re here.

I believe in you. I know you can do it.

Because I was you.

Sitting there, questioning myself. Having an internal battle of “I NEED THIS” and “But what if I don’t succeed ...again?”

But you will succeed.

This time you’re getting that piece that was missing all along.

You are going to learn how to get past what’s been blocking you from achieving your physical goals. While also building that confidence and self-love in the process.

For lifelong results you have to touch on all THREE foundations of fitness... EXERCISE, NUTRITION, and MINDSET!

With those three pieces together you will crush your goals, and create a long-term healthy lifestyle, and bring confidence and joy into all areas of your life.

ARE YOU READY TO go from exhausted and unmotivated to energized and rockin’ a lean, toned bod?

ARE YOU READY TO ditch the diets and quick fixes to live a healthy lifestyle that’s free from restriction?

ARE YOU READY TO feel good about the skin you're in while working towards your goals to make the journey enjoyable?

ARE YOU READY TO  break up with your self-doubt and limiting beliefs and bring confidence into every area of your life?

ARE YOU FINALLY READY TO ditch the belief that gaining weight is "just a part of getting older" and get in the best shape of your life?



As a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Mindset Junkie who has helped countless women go from being frustrated with their fitness, to fit and full of joy, I have strategically implemented certain steps to help you get the best results long-term. 

Here's what's included in this course...

  • 8 Week online course where you'll get access to the 20+ trainings through your unique online portal.
  • Building your Fit Mind training, diving into how you've been holding yourself back and setting you up for lifelong success and confidence.
  • Nutrition Foundation Training making eating healthy simple and easy.
  • Exercise Foundation Training breaking down the best options for your goals.
  • Coaching on all THREE foundations of fitness.


Here's a peek into some of what we'll be covering under the three foundations...

- Tapping into the subconscious mind to uncover how you’ve been holding yourself back.
- Releasing the crap keeping you stuck in the same back-and-forth, one-again-off-again cycle by uncovering and rewriting your limiting beliefs.
- Developing your WHY and refocusing your attention for lasting motivation.
- Using the power of habit and building them in the right way to make changes simple, pain free, and long lasting.
- Manifesting your dream body and health.
- Conditioning the connections in your brain to develop lifelong change.
- Bringing gratitude and joy to the journey to 10X your experience and your results.
- Building faith in yourself and in your journey to keep you motivated and taking the right actions.

- How to fuel your body to achieve fat loss and a lean physique without dieting.
- What really is “clean eating”?
- Digging into our connections with food and building healthy connections that align with our goals.
- Breaking the binge and reducing cravings.
- Figuring out what you should be eating for your specific body and goals.
- Using choices and substitutions to look forward to healthy eating without restrictions.
- How to find recipes, make a meal plan, find the right food, and put it together.
- What to look for with foods and what to stay away from.
- Improving your connection to food and hacking your brain to make healthy eating effortless.
- How to track to get an idea of where you're at.
- How to eat intuitively and still reach your goals.
- The relationship that food has to your mood and how you can use food to impact stress, anxiety, depression and energy.
- Dropping the judgement and learning how to listen to our body's cues.


- The best workouts to get you to your goals.
- Rebooting your metabolism through exercise to get your body working WITH you.
- How to use rest to maximize your results and also control your appetite.
- Understanding exercise so you know what to pick for your goals and how to listen to your body.
- Finding the fun in it for long-term commitment.


YOU ARE SERIOUS about getting results that will stick around for more than just a few weeks.
YOU’VE TRIED SO MANY PROGRAMS, DIETS, AND SUPPLEMENTS just to end up back in the same place you started.
YOU'RE READY TO DEVELOP  a lifestyle that's simple, maintainable, and customized for you.
YOU’RE UNHAPPY WITH YOUR BODY and want to be happy with the skin you're in, have more confidence, and ditch the anxiety.
YOU ARE READY TO FEEL CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE without stressing about dieting or spending hours exercising.


 This academy is NOT for you if:

You still need time to "think about" changing your life.
You're okay with settling.
You're not ready to drop your excuses.
You're content with being stuck in the same loop not getting the results you want.
You don't believe mindset work will make a difference.
You're not ready to take action and be your biggest motivator.
You're not ready to invest in yourself and your health.



Your investment: $449 (Payment plan available)

"Participating in Kiley’s online academy was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I had been there and done that with all of the trendy diets and plans, just to be disappointed yet again. Kiley really helped me determine where to start and reminded me that small steps and progress are the best. I used to think I needed to change it all over night, but that never worked! Slowly changing bad habits and working on making improvements is what helped me the most. I learned to be happier, healthier, and most importantly feel like myself! I still have a ways to go, but with all the trainings, advice, and help I have no doubt that I’ll be crushing my goals before I know it! If you want to work alongside someone who is positive, motivating, invested in you, and who celebrates your successes like their own, then Kiley is your girl! I promise you will not regret this!!"


"Kiley reached out to me during a time where I felt hopeless, overweight, depressed, anxious about anything and everything, and was just really unhappy. Skeptical to join something that cost money, but desperate enough to take the risk, I took the plunge into a fitness and accountability group Kiley was leading. From the very first week, I felt like I was in a good groove of things, because now I was accountable to more than myself when I missed a workout or ate poorly. It is amazing to have a strong group of girls to turn to at any time for support. Kiley checked in with me after a couple weeks to see how I was doing and liking the program I chose. I let her know that, though, I could feel myself changing slightly in my physical body, I was just so anxious ALL the time. Through Kiley’s recommendations and encouragement, I began plugging in to personal development by reading, meditating, and reducing the negative self-talk. This has began changing my life more than I could have hoped! My anxiety has gone down enough to be able to handle everyday life without wanting to cry, I have lost 10lbs through consistent workouts/eating properly, and I also can’t stop telling people about how much I love this whole new lifestyle Kiley introduced to me! If Kiley had not messaged me that day, I know I would still be coming home to take a nap after work instead of cooking up a healthy dinner and turning on my workout video. I know I would still be scrolling through my phone before bed instead of taking the time I need for myself to reduce my anxiety and depression. I also know I would still be looking in the mirror and seeing everything that is wrong with my body instead of everything my body does for me. I am not done my journey of self-healing, but I am in a much better place than I was months ago, before that message. Thank you, Kiley, for everything you do. <3 "


"I don’t even remember when I first “met” Kiley. (I put met in quotes because I have never actually met Kiley, which makes what I am about to say that much more powerful). I remember liking something she posted on Facebook and I remember her reaching out to me. I didn’t open up right away, kept myself on the back burner (something I had always done my whole life) but continued to watch her journey from afar. When I decided to open up to Kiley and her mentoring my life was changed. I don’t mean to sound cliche, but it’s true. And I am continually working on myself everyday. Knowing that I have this friendship, support and guidance from Kiley is very inspiring. I know that with good nutrition and regular exercise, you can live a healthy life but in order to truly be happy with yourself and your life, Kiley’s focus on helping people is with changing your mindset. When this piece was added, it has been so helpful for me. Have I been perfect with any of those three things? No! Have I adhered to everything I said I wanted to do when I made my resolutions for 2018? Absolutely not. But am I continuing to work on myself, my mindset, my nutrition and my energy every day? Yes! The biggest a-ha moment for me is knowing this doesn’t have to (and won’t) happen overnight and to take one step, one mile and one meal at a time. After all, I have a whole life to live and no better time to focus on myself than today. With Kiley’s guidance and inspiration, I know that I can overcome any obstacle I set for myself. Her academy has taught me so much about myself and I felt I could relate to her trainings because it’s everyday stuff that most people don’t even realize they are struggling with. Kiley has helped me more than she knows! If you’re thinking about going outside of your comfort zone and putting yourself first, do it! And do it with Kiley’s help!"



When does the next round start?
The academy is self-paced, so you can start at any time!

My schedule is very busy. What does the time commitment look like?
No problem! The course is designed to have the flexibility to go at your own pace and fit into your schedule. I do recommend doing the trainings as they come out so you can start practicing what you learn. But there is no time limit or schedule that you have to stick to.

You’ll also continue to have access to the information after the 8 weeks is up.

I’m not sure it’s the right time, I’ve never invested in myself like this before.
I get it. I was there before too. So scared to hire my first coach and enroll in my first course. Not wanting to let myself down again, or invest in something I wouldn’t see a return on.  But I’ll tell you this… there was something so empowering that came out of investing in myself and it paid me back tenfold. I wholeheartedly believe the best investment you can make is in yourself. It's the only investment with a guaranteed return to every area of your life. There’s no perfect time. The best time to start making changes towards where you want to be  is always now.

What can I expect through this course?
From this academy you can expect to learn what’s been holding you back from making lasting changes with your health. The actions you can take to start making life-long changes. And key information under each foundation of fitness including a deep focus on mindset.

Does this include a workout plan?
This course was designed to be used with any workout plan you’d like to use. You will learn more about exercise in this course to help you determine what type of plan to look for depending on where you’re at with your journey and what your goals are.

However, if you want a more individualized workout plan designed by myself and extra help with nutrition specific to you, I do offer 1:1 coaching. To see if I have any individual training spots open you can email [email protected]

Is there a payment plan?
Yes! If it works better for you to split the payments into 2 monthly payments you do have that option!

What if I don’t like it, do you offer refunds?
Due to the nature of this course and access to the product, refunds are not offered at this time.

What results are guaranteed?
I have worked with many women who have put these teaching into place and have noticed a life changing difference in their mental and physical results. I believe that what is included in this course has the power to change not only the physical results you see, but how you feel, and everything else in the process.

I would love to be able to guarantee results for everyone. However, YOU are the only one that can guarantee you will put in the work that’s involved to make these changes. This is not a quick fix, rather something that’s designed to help you make connections and changes that will last. The results are based on your efforts and consistency, which is why I cannot guarantee specific results even though I’d like to.

If you do the work in the work in the course and follow what’s taught, the course will work for you.

Have any other questions? I have answers.

If you have any other questions that weren't answered above, send them to [email protected]

"Kiley helped me realize which imperfections were OK and how to work toward what and where I wanted to be, while remaining grateful for where I was at. I have my health back and I owe that to her, and to myself for finally believing and having faith that there was a way. A healthy way."


"Most of my life I knew the benefits of exercise and eating healthy, however, I never paid enough attention to either. Constantly frustrated with how I looked, yet stressed with daily life I would “diet” and start exercising for a month or two and essentially give up. Knowing I had to do something about my health sooner rather than later I decided to start my journey with Kiley. I had gained not only support in the form of a coach, but others striving for the same goal. I had access to workouts and daily accountability by logging my workouts. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical of myself and how this process would be different, but it truly was and continues to be very different. Kiley has introduced me to all that a healthy lifestyle offers and the support I have received is truly incredible. I knew I didn’t want to be the one who didn’t complete my daily workout or eat my balanced meals. That was it… I decided through Kiley’s inspiration to be 100% honest with everyone in my life about my failures, future goals, and days when I just wasn’t “feeling it”. I went from size 20 to a size 13 since May 12,2017. That equaled a total of 45.5lbs and 28.6 inches lost in 5 short months, even though it feels great to reach those goals with my weight Kiley has taught me that it’s about lifestyle and how you feel. I can say I feel AMAZING, I have given everything to become the healthier person I am today. Focused on being honest and accountable are the biggest drivers for me. Surrounding myself with my fellow team or listening to a video or post from Kiley motivates me. On the days when I get up and think about not working out… but I do, every day and it my mindset towards my overall health that has changed my life. It is not about my weight anymore it is about how energized and happy I feel daily, a balanced lifestyle that includes whole foods, exercise and of course treats every now and then. I owe my success in large part to Kiley."


"I joined this academy at the perfect time! I was ready to learn and change my mindset! I was very impressed with the trainings. They were easy to understand and to put in to action on a daily basis. This academy truly helped me change the way I think of nutrition and the way I think of health and fitness!"


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