8 Week Ab Sculpt

Are you ready to get a shredded 6-pack without having to do countless crunches or another crash diet?


Have you tried numerous fitness programs but still don't have that flat stomach?

Is your mid-section the one area you have a hard time developing?

You’re not alone! For many people this is the hardest area to change.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Imagine if you could get those 6-pack abs without having to do hundreds of crunches or be constantly measuring out all of your food. Imagine if you could lose the belly fat without having to start another restrictive diet and give up all of your favorite foods.

Well, YOU CAN!

If you’ve tried multiple fitness routines that didn’t result in the abs you wanted, there’s likely a few reasons why:

  • The muscles you’re wanting to develop aren’t being activated properly, leading to other muscles taking over (meaning less than stellar core development).
  • You’ve stayed within higher rep ranges and haven’t tried building your abs in the same way you would another muscle.
  • Your nutrition is either on or off and you’re not consistent because you’re constantly yo-yoing back and forth.
  • You’ve never had abs and don’t really believe you’ll be able to get them.

If you can relate to any of those, no worries. I was in the same spot for a long time, repeating the same old patterns.

I was blindly going through ab exercises I saw online, without actually making sure I was activating and working the right muscles. Leading to me doing more hip flexor work rather than working my abs and putting strain on my back. I was always trying to get as many reps as possible rather than slowing down and taking a different approach to building them. Repping out as much crunches, bicycles, or mountain climbers as I could.

On top of that, my nutrition was never consistent. I had the hardest time staying “on track” with anything and was constantly stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle. Leading to never really making progress.

It wasn’t until I began working my core in the correct way and stopped dieting that I started seeing the results I wanted. Not only did I get the abs I was looking for, but I achieved results far above and beyond what I thought was possible. And so can you!

All it takes is the right exercise programming, simple shifts in nutrition, and getting your mindset in the right place to stay consistent. All of which is covered in the 8 Week Ab Sculpt!



This program is phased into 3 different exercise blocks to keep you progressing forward. Each block has a specific focus to get you closer to your end goal. Frequency and consistency are important factors in building your core and that's what we will focus on. This program can be used alongside whatever your current workout routine is. Workouts range from 5-15 minutes depending on the block and the program can be repeated and added into your regular line-up to keep you building and sculpting your core!


What you eat plays a vital role in revealing those abs! This program breaks down fat loss in a simple way and gives you all the instructions needed to start cleaning up your nutrition. You’ll learn what foods to look for and what to phase out of your diet. The focus is on making simple shifts that you can maintain, rather than following a restrictive diet. (NO MORE YO-YO DIETING!)


Mindset is the glue that holds everything together. We dive into mindset and how what goes on in your head plays a vital role in achieving your goals and maintaining that long-term transformation. You get a break down of the most influential pieces of mindset and simple steps to start making a substantial difference with your focus and motivation.


Get started for LESS THAN $12 a week and FREE access after the initial 8 weeks! (Charged in a one-pay or two-pay option)


Can this be used alongside my current workout routine?

YES! The Ab Sculpt program can be used alongside any activity you’re currently doing. It is recommended to be used with a resistance training routine for the best results, but will be beneficial in addition to any activity.

How long are the workouts?

The workouts range from 5-15 minutes depending on the block.

Does it include a nutrition plan?

YES! There is no strict diet plan for this program, however it does include an in depth nutrition guide to help walk you through cleaning up your nutrition. Nutrition is a key piece in this, and it’s all about making sustainable healthy shifts.

Will I need any special equipment?

A few of the exercises require equipment, but all of those have modifications you can do without it. Most exercises don’t require anything for equipment or only require a light-moderate weight, making the exercises easy to do from home or the gym.

What do I do after the 8 weeks?

This program is designed to be repeated until you get your desired results, or even after! It includes directions on what to do after you’ve completed your initial 8 weeks so you can continue progressing forward.

What is the investment?

If you do the one payment option it breaks down to less than $12 a week for the 8 week program with FREE access after the initial 8 weeks! ($94.99 for 1 payment or $49.99 for the two pay option.)

What if I don’t like it, do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this course and access to the product, refunds are not offered at this time. But I'm confident you will LOVE it!



"I joined Kiley’s 8 Week Ab Sculpt program a few months back. I had worked with Kiley before then; so when I saw she was doing another group, I jumped right in!

The thing that REALLY helped me in this program, is that Kiley helps you make small shifts at a time. I didn’t have to change my life completely or get rid of those bad habits all at once. I made small shifts here and there, while still allowing myself to indulge in all the stuff I previously enjoyed. Kiley helps you to find that BALANCE to be healthy, but also live life!

The exercises that Kiley provides allowed me to connect to my core and feel the muscles working. I was so used to flying through my core exercises with improper form, left wondering why my back was always hurting. Kiley gives you numerous core exercises to pick from so you never get bored! Plus it helps that my core is stronger than ever with NO back pain!

Kiley is the real deal if you want to make lifelong changes! She helped me realize that I don’t have to be perfect all the time (aka- mindset!). Everything I learned from her helps me on a daily basis. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow from her program!"


"I was skeptical at first to try Kiley’s program...because I knew myself & how I couldn’t truly stay on track with a plan. I started listening to Kiley’s Fit Mind podcasts every morning while getting ready for work & start using some of her methods to get out of my own head. By the second week, I decided I would give her 8 Week Ab Sculp program a try. Why not, right?

We focused on more than just getting a chiseled 6 pack in 8 weeks. Mindset, nutrition, mind-muscle connection, and REAL LIFE situations.

My mindset changed.

I started viewing food as fuel for my body, practicing positive self talk & even finished an entire book while I practiced self-care. I focused less about what other people thought of me and more of how I viewed myself. Once I started focusing on me, I was able to drown out the negative comments & control my own anxiety & thoughts.

If you are questioning enrolling in this program, hear me out; it’s more than just about the abs - you will see these too, I promise - it’s about YOU, being part of a family of strong, like minded women & having the tools in your own belt to overcome anything.

Do it, girl, for YOU."



"The best thing about this program, for me, wasn’t necessarily about the exercises and getting a 6 pack. For me it was the mindset.  Before Kiley’s program, I would get down on myself if I had dessert, or had fries with my meal. I was putting myself down for LIVING my life.  With a shift of mindset, I no longer feel like I failed because I had two drinks instead of one.

So if you’re on the fence about joining the Ab Sculpt program, I highly recommend going for it.  Having a group to help motivate you is everything and they are most likely going through similar struggles.  No regrets joining this program, can’t wait to join another!!"


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Ab sculpt program that Kiley hosted. It taught me so much about fundamentals and what it truly means to engage and activate your core. I never would have known I was doing ab exercises wrong until I joined this program.

The exercises were great and the program kept me accountable but the biggest thing for me was the muscle-mind connection. As soon as I was actually thinking about what muscles I was working and engaging them more I instantly felt a larger impact on my abs in the way I was working them. Thanks for all your help Kiley and I’m going to continue to build my 6 pack!"


"I can honestly say that I really didn’t sign up for this program because I wanted abs. Those really were a bonus, but what I really wanted was mindset change. I was tired of being negative. I wanted to love myself again. This program not only helped me lose weight and get back on track physically, but it changed my mindset on myself and on most aspects of my life. And the best part about it is it really wasn’t that hard. It was not time consuming. It was just simply taking sometime out of the day for myself. Sure it was hard to get myself to the gym, but I always was proud of myself when I did. I made simply substitutions in my diet, and didn’t really restrict myself. Kiley was also always there through the process and she did a great job of holding you accountable without breathing down your neck, and she also is not afraid to call you in your bullshit excuses. I totally recommend this program. It has changed my lifestyle for the better!"


"I was hesitant to join Kiley’s 8 Week Ab Sculpt at first because it cost money and because I didn’t know her personally. I also didn’t want to be disappointed if I didn’t see any results. However, I am so glad that I decided to jump in and start the program, despite my concerns and not wanting to leave my comfort zone. Kiley offered support and encouragement throughout the program and really gave me the push that I needed.

The workouts were online and could be done virtually anywhere. I was able to complete the workouts in my tiny living room. Kiley went above and beyond just providing workouts. She informed me about healthy food substitutions, offered advice on meal prep, gave tips on how to stay consistent with your nutrition and the importance of having a healthy mindset. I wasn’t aware of how important it was to have a growth mindset. Instead of telling myself I was overweight and that I would never get a six pack, I started telling myself that my goals were achievable, and I was in control of improving myself. Now I find myself consciously making healthier food choices that enhance my health and overall wellness. I also make the choice to complete a workout instead of just blowing it off like I used to.

As cliché as it sounds, Kiley really entered my life when I needed someone to hold me accountable for my health. With Kiley’s guidance and reassurance, I was able to overcome some large obstacles. I started seeing results and feeling the difference. I am not done my fitness journey by any means and I still have a lot of work to do. However, I now have the confidence and drive to continue reaching my fitness goals. I decided to make my health a higher priority and I am so happy that I did. Thank you for helping me improve my mental health, physical health and for giving me the boost of confidence I needed. Thank you so much Kiley for transforming the way I view myself! I highly recommend this program to anyone."

"I’m feeling a lot more connected to my core. movements throughout the day I’m shocked at how much more I can feel my muscles connecting, muscles I’ve never felt before."


"My nutrition has definitely improved, I’m trying things I’ve never tried before and substituting some of my favorites foods with better healthier choices but still tastes just the same sometimes even better! I still allow myself the occasional sweets but I manage how much of it I eat better than I did before. And I tell myself it’s okay, and it doesn’t throw me off for the entire day."


"I’m feeling great. I’m finally learning consistency is key. My core is finally starting to lean out and abs are on their way to popping out !"


"I’ve definitely noticed by core is stronger! I have back problems and when I used to work out, my back would kill. I am now able to connect to my core properly during workouts, so no added back pain anymore! As far as nutrition goes, when I go to eat something, I ask myself , “How am I fueling my body with this certain food?” “How am I going to feel after I eat this?” “How is this helping me reach my goals?” "


"I've had a blast during this first 8 weeks, and the by far the best thing has been mindset. Without a doubt. Remembering that each little step and consistent change is a building block towards the greater goal. Realizing that maintaining focus and making small adjustments and really paying attention to how I feel after what I eat has been huge. I'm excited to continue this journey. I do feel stronger and more trim but most importantly more self confident. A few runs this past week I've gone with just shorts and a running bra. Something I never would have done before but 1.) its too darn hot to layer up and 2.) I'm proud of how hard I'm working to get to my goals!"


8-Week Ab Sculpt

Ready to get that shredded 6-pack without having to do countless crunches or another crash diet?


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